Blossoms by Riley Blake Fat Quarter Bundles


Riley Blake Blossoms by Christopher Thompson are great blenders, solid alternatives and backgrounds.  They are the sweetest tiny confetti blossoms - hence, the name.

Bundles are available in 3 options - Whites, Pastels, Brights

White - 13 Fat Quarters - Gold, Red, Rose Gold, Pink, Navy, Silver, Clover, Spring, Autumn, Grey, White, Rainbow, Peacock.

Pastels - 13 Fat Quarters - Green Smoothie, Aqua, Apricot Blush, Baby Pink, Peony, Beach, Bleached Denim, Celery, Sweet Mint, Peaches n Cream, Wisteria, Cream, Gray

Brights - Fuschia, Holly, Barn Red, Red, Denim, Honey, Cayenne, Black, Lipstick, Grey Tone on Tone, Orange

37 - Fat Quarters - 18" x 20" pieces