Sew Colorful panel quilt


Finally, a color class for Quilters! All easily packaged in 1 little box!


-Sew Colorful Booklet
-Laser Cut Applique Shapes
-Sew Colorful Panel -- 24" x44" 
-BONUS: Sew Colorful Wheel Lap Size Quilt Pattern

Finally a Color Class for Quilters!
Create a color wheel sample and learn color selection for quilts by following the steps included in the booklet.  The booklet provides the basics of how colors work together and offers ten color theories to contemplate when choosing colors for your quilts.

Don’t miss the bonus Color Wheel Quilt pattern! (Fabric not included to make the Color Wheel Quilt.)

Finished Quilt Size: about 22" x 42"

Kit Price: $58.95